Carry on, Mr. Bowditch

Multiple choice

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1: What did Nat buy with the 1 shilling he found?
food for his family
an expectation
candy for his brothers and sisters
2: Carry on, Mr. Bowditch was took place during the time period of which war?
The Civil War
The French and Indian War
The Revolutionary War
World War 1
3: Nat had to stop going to school because,
His father needed him to watch the shop
He could not afford to buy books needed for school
He didn't like school work
He was getting poor grades
4: Nat became an indentured servant at 12 years old to learn about
Ship Chandlery
Cooperage-making barrels
Piano Tuning
5: What does it mean to "sail by ash breeze?"
letting the wind fill the sails
when sailors run with the wind
sailing with a boat made from an ash tree
it means to to get ahead by your own determination and hard work
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