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1: What do you do with a book?
Defeat Mario with it
Hit your little sister on the head with it
Eat it
Read it
2: A book...
Has game cards that you put in to play different games
Has different hardness levels to hit your lil sis with
comes in many yummy flavors
has words inside of it
3: What do you put salt on?
Mario- he doesnt like the flavor
Your Sister- it annoys her
A book- it tastes better this way
French Fries- it tastes good
4: Every day you cant wait to...
Try once again to defeat Mario
Hit your sister on the head again
Dig in to another delicious book
Find out what is going to happen next in your book
5: If your older brother asks to use your book, you say...
"No! Im not done defeating Mario yet!"
"No! I want to keep hitting my sis on the head with it!"
"No! You might eat it instead of me!"
"No! Im not done reading it yet!"
6: Finally, you...! You are so happy!
Defeated Mario
Knocked your lil sis out
Found a book that tasted great
Finished the book you were reading
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Tasha on 5/17/2012 5:33:10 PM

A way to entertainment and learn to many things that you want to know what is all about!!