For Harry Potter Lovers Quiz

This quiz is to see how well you know harry potter books !

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1: What kind of animal is Harry's Patronous Charm ?
A Deer
A Stag
A Fawn
A Horse
2: Why does Snape kill Dumbledore?
He was a Deatheater and Voldemort told him to
It was an accident
Him and Dumbledore planned it
He wanted Voldemort to think he was really on his side
3: What did Hagrid get expelled for in his 3rd year?
Having a large spider
He was accused of opening the chamber of secrets
Helping Voldemort open the chamber of secrets
Having a dragon
4: What are Ginny and Harry children's names?
Albus, James, and Severus
Albus, Harry, and James
Percivil, Severus, and Sirius
Albus, James, and Sirius
5: What was Malfoy using the room of requirement for?
To find harry
To get deatheaters in the school
To leave the school when he wanted
To see Voldemort
6: Who put Harry's name in the Goblet of Fire?
damn i forgot
7: Who in the Weasly family died in book 7?
8: What are the 3 deathly hallows?
Elder Wand, Gryfindor Sword, Invisibility Cloke
Reserection Stone, Elder Wand, Gryfindor Sword
Harrys want, Harry's Cloke and the Elder Wand
Reserection Stone, Elder Wand, and Invisibility Cloke
9: Who dies in the 7th book?
Mad Eye Moody
All of the above
10: Which was not one of Voldemorts Horcruxes?
Hufflepuff Cup
Slytherin Locket
Sword of Gryfindor
Ravenclaw Crown
11: What did Dumbledore leave Hermoine in his will?
Sword of Gryfindor
Book of Kids Storys
Magic Pen
The Illuminator lighter thingy
12: How did dobby become free?
He killed his master
Harry killed his master
His master gave him a book with money in it on accident
His master gave him a sock on accident
13: Where did Harry find the slytherin locket?
Dolorus Umbridge had it
Mundungus had it
Kretcher had it
Dumbledor found it when he was still alive
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SarahtheSniper on 11/16/2011 10:06:52 AM

The most accurate Harry Potter quiz, mostly focused on the last books.

Mim Hossain on 4/9/2012 4:36:17 PM

Best books ever!