How well do you know Flyaway by Lucy Christopher?

This quiz is to see how much you know about Flyaway by Lucy Christopher.

Average Score for this quiz: 79%
No of times this Quiz has been taken: 28
No. of people scoring above 50% in this quiz: 22
No. of people scoring below 50% in this quiz: 6
1: What is the main character's name?
2: Why is Harry in hospital often?
He has leukemia
He works there
He broke his neck
He visits his Grandma all the time
3: What is the school project Isla is working on?
Sketch birds and name them
Observe flying machines
Sketch flying machines
Design and create a model of something that flies
4: What is Isla's brother's name and his girlfriend's name?
Jay and Jill
Trevor and Tess
Jack and Jess
Mitchell and Mia
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