Hush, Hush series! (hush, hush, crescendo, silence) Quiz

Best series ever!

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1: what is patch? ( hush, hush )
a gaurdian angel
fallen angel
2: when did patch tell nora his real name?
the end of crescendo
the start of crescendo
the start of silence
the end of hush, hush
3: what were the last 2 words in crescendo?
you, angel
definitely patch
chauncy laungais
yep, more
4: does patch ever become human?
no, hes always a fallen angel
yes, he saves nora and becomes human
no, he becomes noras gaurdian angel
none of the above
5: what grade is nora in when she meets patch? (hush, hush)
she doesnt go to school
6: how tall is patch?
6 foot 2
noras eyes go to his shoulders
noras eyes go to his nose
half a meter taller than nora
7: what is nora? (hush,hush)
pure bred nephilim
fallen angel
part nephilim
8: what is patch's last name?
9: how many books are in the series?
there are 3 and are 2 more coming
there are 3 and thats it
there a 4 out
there are 3 and one more to come
10: who is the author?
becca fitzpatrick
romy fitzgerald
becca fitzgerald
romy fitzpatrick
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