The Last Egret Chp. 2

Chapter 2

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1: What does "cut from the same cloth" mean?
It means that they are wearing the clothing.
It means that they both cut cloth during the day.
It means that they are very different.
It means that they are similar in character.
2: Why was Lillie so dirty?
She was walking to the store from the woods.
She ran away from school.
She was going to school through the woods.
She was pushed in the mud by Charlie.
3: Why was their mother upset with?
She wanted to move away from the island.
The hurricane was coming.
She wanted Lillie to go to school and be proper.
She wanted Lillie to survive in the woods.
4: Where did Charlie find the trunk full of Spanish gold?
On the beach.
On a sailboat.
On Lake Worth.
On Huckleberries Island.
5: What did the Uncle Will and Papa spend the gold on?
Buying big pieces of land.
Buying a sailboat and paying for Lillie's school.
Trying to escape the hurricane.
They bought a new bush of huckleberries.
6: Why didn't Charlie tell Lillie the their parents had spend the last of the gold on her schooling?
He thought she would never forgive herself.
She would not care and go on living in the woods.
She would be afraid of the principal.
He thought she would be mad at her parents.
7: What was the major problem in this chapter?
Lillie was very muddy and dirty.
They were going to lose their ilsand.
The did not have a bed to sleep.
They moved into the sailboat.
8: When searching for huckleberries what animal do you need to look out for?
9: Why was Papa proud of Lillie?
She walked to school all by herself.
She walked next to an alligator.
She fought a bear and lived to tell about it.
She walked home through the woods.
10: Where does this story take place?
On a sailboat.
On a farm.
On an island.
In a city.
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