The Real Percy Jackson Quiz

Here you will see if you know Percy Jackson that well. Your score might surprise you

Average Score for this quiz: 60%
No of times this Quiz has been taken: 27
No. of people scoring above 50% in this quiz: 20
No. of people scoring below 50% in this quiz: 7
1: what is the name of the teacher that appeared after Percy defeated Mrs.Dodds? The Lightning Thief
None of the above
2: What monster did Percy go through in order to go into the sea of monsters? The Sea of Monsters
None of the above
3: What is the game that Nico Di Angelo used to play? The Titans Curse
Battle Of the Olympians
Magik Gods
None of the above
4: What was Chris Rodriguez mumbling about when he came out of the Labyrinth? The Battle of the Labyrinth
None of the above
5: Where was Luke's/Kronos' Achilles Spot? The Last Olympian
His Big Toe
His right thumb
His belly button
None of the above
6: What did Annabeth say when Percy woke up? The Lightning Thief
You drool when you sleep
Did you know that you drool?
Please stop drooling
None of the above
7: What did Thalia Grace say when she woke up? The Sea of Monsters
I'm Thalia, Daughter of Zeus
Hi i'm Thalia, Daughter of Zeus
Who are you?
None of the above
8: What did Rachel Dare say after Percy tried cut her in half? The Titans Curse
Oh my god!Do you always try to kill peole when they blow thier nose?
It is not nice to try to cut people in half!
What the heck is wrong with you?!
None of the above
9: What did Luke Castellan say after he woke up as Kronos? The Battle of the Labyrinth
Hello, Percy Jackson
This body has been well prepared
Are you sure Luke is dead?
None of the above
10: What did Annabeth say after she tried to kill Luke with a hammer? The Last Olympian
Please don't hurt me!
Go away!
Why won't you die?!
None of the above
11: Where did Poseidon want Percy to go? The Lightning Thief
The Mississippi River
The Alamo
The Grand Canyon
None of the above
12: What flavor was the multivitamin that Annabeth took? The Sea of Monsters
None of the above
13: What was the name of the sisters that Zoe Nightshade used to be? The Titans Curse
None of the above
14: What is the name of the Hundred-Handed-One? The Battle of the Labyrinth
None of the above
15: What was the correct name of the container that Pandora opened? The Last Olympian
None of the above
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