The School Story

A touching book by Andrew Clements

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1: Why does Natalie write a school story?
Because Zoe forced her to do so
Her mother's company was low on them
Her father loved school stories
It was a consequence for cheating in
2: How did Natalie's father die whenever Natalie was in the second grade?
In a car wreck
In a terrible fire
Had a heart-attack
Duh! He was hiding the whole time!
3: What did Zoe ask Natalie after finishing the twelve pages Natalie gave her at the beginning of the story?
"Were you trying to make me cry?"
"Is this book based on you cheating?"
"This stunk! What were you thinking?!"
"Are you going to finish the book?"
4: What did Natalie give Zoe after she read the twelve pages and reacted to them?
A stink bomb
A tissue
A folder with more chapters of the book
A test Natalie cheated on
5: What was Natalie's pen name for her book?
Letha Springfield
Zee Zee Reisman
Sherry Clutch
Cassandra Day
6: What was Zoe's role in the process of the publishing?
Literary Agent
7: Who did Tom Morton assign to edit "The Cheater" after Zee Zee Reisman delivered the manuscript/letter directly to him?
Sherry Clutch
Hannah Nelson
Ms. Clayton
Letha Springfield
8: What did Zee Zee plan after the advanced reader's copy of "The Cheater" get published?
She planned a lunch with Hannah
She planned a sleepover with Natalie
She planned a publishing party
The book ended there
9: Why did Hannah Nelson regret telling Natalie about the book?
She got mad at Natalie and punished her
Natalie hated reading books
There were parts about the girl's father
Natalie would think cheating was okay
10: When did Hannah Nelson discover her daughter was Cassandra Day?
The Publishing Club went late to the party
Natalie confessed because she didn't like the book
Zoe told her after she argued with Natalie
Ms. Clayton told because she was worried about the girls
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