The Tell-Tale Heart Quiz

The Tell-Tale Heart Quiz

Average Score for this quiz: 75%
No of times this Quiz has been taken: 907
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No. of people scoring below 50% in this quiz: 106
1: What does the narrator keep insisting throughout the story?
That he is rich.
That he is not crazy.
That the old man is mean to him.
That he hears screams in the night.
2: Why does the narrator hate the old man?
The old man is mean to him.
The old man owes him money.
The old man has a blind eye.
The old man makes him pay rent.
3: What does the narrator do every night?
Sneaks into the old man's room and sits in a chair watching him.
Opens the old man's door and walks away.
Sits in his room thinking of ways to kill the old man.
Opens the old man's door and shines a lantern on him to see if he can see the eye
4: Why does he not kill the man on the nights he watches him?
The eye is not open.
The old man is awake.
The neighbors come over.
The police come to the house.
5: How long does he wait to go into the room the night he wakes the old man up?
1 hour
2 hours
3 hours
5 hours
6: How does he kill the old man?
He cuts his throat.
He strangles him.
He smothers him with the blankets and pillows.
He shoots him.
7: What does the narrator do with the body?
Buries it in the backyard.
Dumps it out in the country.
Burns it.
Cuts it up and places it under the floorboards.
8: When the police come to investigate a scream that the neighbors heard, where does the narrator take them?
Into the bathroom so that they can see that the tub is clean.
Into the old man's room.
Into his own room.
Into the living room to sit down.
9: What does the narrator imagine that he can hear?
The old man's voice.
The old man's eye blinking.
The old man's heart beating.
His own heart beating.
10: How do the police figure out that the narrator killed the old man?
They find the body.
They see the blood in the bath tub.
A neighbor tells them.
The narrator confesses.
11: How many hours it took to kill the old man?
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Dianne on 12/30/2011 1:28:20 AM

This story is superb ! :) Nice quiz you have here ..

Amelia on 10/14/2011 10:43:08 AM

Really good quiz. I'll probably fail because I haven't read this dtory in a while.

Jenibelle on 11/12/2011 3:13:43 AM

Articles like this make life so much smipelr.