Who Bob What Pants?

Questions that make sure if you read the book?

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1: Who did SpongeBob say "Good Morning" to?
2: What happen to Spongebob when he was in the unfamiliar seas?
i can't remember
don't even know my name
Cheesehead BrownPants
Spongebob finally opened his eyes and rubbed his large bump on his head. He also noticed a two fish kneeling down, looking at a pile of spare pants. He went over to say hello and when those two fished ask him a questions but Spongebob don't remember and not able to remember his name.
3: What people afraid of Spongebob doing in their town?
dark shadow
pulling out a bottle of bubbles and a blowing wand .
Bubble Poppin' Boys
4: Who was named to be Mayor in New Kelp City?
Cheesehead BrownPants "SpongeBob"
Old Mayor
5: Was Spongebob back home?
6: What made Spongebob ran away?
A lot of people like sandy, mr.krab and Squidward, and Patrick told Spongebob to go away and Mr.Krab say "If i were you, lad, I'd get as far away from me as possible!"
Go away
ran away
move out
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