Do you know Selena Gomez

A test to see how much you know Selena Gomez

Average Score for this quiz: 72%
No of times this Quiz has been taken: 174
No. of people scoring above 50% in this quiz: 152
No. of people scoring below 50% in this quiz: 22
1: what song did selena gomez rap to?
super bass
in the morning
2: what is Selena's latest song?
who says
round and round
love you like a love song
3: how was selena's best friend?
Taylor Swift
Demi Lovato
Jenifer lopez
Nicole Anderson
4: where is Selena Gomez from?
new york
5: what show did Selena start in first?
wizards of waverly place
monte carlo
so random
6: who is Selena Gomez dating?
Justin bieber
David henrie
Gregg sulkin
john cena
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cat on 3/29/2012 6:22:11 PM

i like selena gomez very much

kemberly on 2/9/2012 1:48:01 AM

selena is the best i just adore her she so awesome she my faviorte celeb and alway will be i luv you selena gomez

haley on 1/10/2012 11:48:46 AM

i love it selena is so nice if i could meet her i would die

lexi on 3/14/2012 6:45:17 PM

i love demi lovato and selena gomez you and selena will always be friends

elena rodriguez on 3/15/2012 7:57:18 PM

I m her biggest fan from the seventh grade at garnger junior high. her song "love you like a love song" captivated my soul because it made my boyfriend kiss me for the first time since we were dating in January of this year. she is the best person on earth!

faith foote on 3/17/2012 5:43:28 PM

i am speechless! i would do anything to meet her!

selena is myidlo on 10/14/2011 6:47:01 PM

i am so selenas number i fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! selena gomez you rule

demi on 2/4/2012 12:47:24 AM

selena gomez is my frinend in real life and we are not bff any more ii miss her cry cry cry.

monae arnold on 4/17/2012 1:48:50 PM

i know who she was dating justin bieber. He is so funny and cute. i love him, Yeah I LIKE HIM I LOVE HIS SONGS TO LIKE BABY LOVE HIM.

DD on 10/30/2011 12:37:07 PM

i'm thinking why would Selena Gomez date Justin Beiber

cowgirl on 12/17/2011 8:59:21 PM

shes really cool

ananda on 1/2/2012 1:23:50 PM

i looove her.

maria on 12/30/2011 7:03:11 PM

I am selena's number 1 fan

Niyati on 4/8/2012 3:41:33 AM

Selena gomez is an angel!!

katie sorokes on 2/15/2012 5:51:10 PM

i love selen and she is vere nice and pretty and if i could meet her i would die

ashley on 10/19/2011 2:04:48 PM

she is kool